Sheffield: Made from Steel

The festivities of last month’s sophomore BarCamp in Sheffield, prompted sponsor Yorkshire Forward to offer a £500 prize to attendees who could best promote the city. We’ve already seen entries ranging from terror karaoke to hypnotic brain loops. So here’s my entry, paying homage to the city’s steelworking heritage, it’s celebrated celluloid child – The […]

Dr. Horrible…

…Why No Serie-us? Aspiring super-villain Dr. Horrible wants to join the Evil League of Evil and win the girl of his dreams, but his nemesis, Captain Hammer…

A Ramadan Message…from Bob Dylan

Who’d have thunk? Dylan sends us a timely reminder of the virtues of Ramadan 😉 { Inspired by Bob Dylan’s warning of a Cylon Invasion }

Russell Peters – Live in NYC

Close your eyes and he sounds just like Jimmy Smits. Russell Peters is the desi Eddie Murphy 🙂 I first saw his Comedy Now special a couple years back, but today Mohsin found some Youtube clips of a 2004 live show from NYC, much edgier than his TV stuff… …here’re parts 2, 3, 4, 5 […]


Not only was I Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year in 2006, but I’ll be adorning the cover of the next issue of Wired – a special edition on my startup Carbon and some of our projects. If you’d like to also be featured in Wired, click here… Damn…April Fool’s was ten days ago 🙁

The People’s Republic Of Happistan

Citizens rejoice! At noon today, the People’s Republic Of Happistan declared statehood! From this day forward… We will adopt The Go! Team’s Bottle Rocket as our national anthem. We will divide the responsibilities of state between the Presidency, the Houses of Fungress and the Chief Jest-ice. We will declare war on the Sindian Nation, overwhelming […]

Celica Royale

Of course, double-oh-seven cannon rolls his DBS seven times and lands straight in the Guinness Book Of Records. I did that and a 360, in one take with my Celica last November. Bond is a pussy.

FitTorrent & Flabbr

Mark and I have just proposed a pair of Web 2.0 peer-to-peer health and fitness services… FitTorrent – share the burn! Flabr – Namaste/Hola/’Allo/Salaam/Shalom lardass! VC funding’s on the way…