Osama_cave My good friend Ali is due to make one of his many media appearances tommorow on the BBC Asian Network. Ali’s inadvertently become the go-to guy for the media on hip’slam so I figured some media training on live TV, press conferences, radio appearances and interviews would stand him in good stead. A few tips:

  • Don’t hold your press conferences in a cave, cradling an AK47 – even Magneto decided against doing that.
  • No beard stroking – you’ll look evil and possibly dastardly. Even on radio, it’ll sound like you’re scratching somewhere you shouldn’t be.
  • Avoid the traditional Belchistani Burp most imams automagically invoke when a microphone-enabled device is within proximity.

I’m being glib…Ali’s charming, funny, hugely talented (he’s also first prize in Emel‘s postcard contest) and a good face for Islam in the UK. Maybe those rules above are the just the media training that Albert Kaida‘s mates all work to 😉

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