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TarekI was recently asked to help a client develop an Arabic language edition of their web product. They have strong brand with a great contemporary aesthetic and some Web 2.0 flava, but there is a dearth of contemporary Arabic typefaces that would enable their brand to retain its design DNA once translated.

Aside from Saad Ahulbaab’s work on Arabetics – which is largely focussed on helping non-Arabs learn Arabic – Arabic graphic design is constrained by the availability of type styles that sit well with modern graphic design.

However in researching resources for my client, I came across the work of Tarek Atriessi. In a great post on Arabic Type Design, Atrissi talks about his approach to developing typefaces for Al-Ghad, last year’s Asian Games in Doha,  Bahrain’s Amwaj Islands and Ayna.com.

Each is perfectly suited for use in various contemporary digital applications…I can’t wait to  suggest them to our client and also use them for our own future Arabic editions of Believr 🙂


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