Your To-Do list is going to KILL YOU!

If you have an ever-expanding to-do list -  then you're failing to understand your mortality. That's right, your cherished, life-affirming task list is ultimately a pathway to your own death! Let me explain… Years ago, my good friend Rich Gibson and I were thinking about design principles for software that reflects who you are, what […]

Fuzzy Inside

There's been an interesting confluence of commentary recently on why precision is not only unnecessary, but perhaps undesirable, in the formulation of communication services… Dopplr's Matt Jones reflects on Google's Latitude location-sharing service, noting that designing Dopplr to be 'nothing more granular than cities-as-place and days-as-time' is enough to fulfill the goal of surfacing serendipity. […]

Fab Lab Discussion Forum

I first started following the work of Neil Gershenfeld during my various visits to MIT Media Lab, and of course through his book Fab, along with speculating about fictional HP DeskFabs and Fabster P2P networks…a miniature attempt at Bruce Sterling-eqsue Design Fiction! So it was a huge surprise to learn that Gershenfeld would be stopping […]