Sith Happens

Sith What the Star Wars movies lack in character development, plot and dialogue they certainly make up for in Design – in every category from typography, sound design, fashion and product design to architecture, character design, UIs and ship/vehicle designs.

Like the other prequels, George Lucas’ Revenge Of The Sith is steeped in the designs of Doug Chiang – each personally approved and overseen by Lucas himself.

Where Lucas has failed to coax believable performances from his cast, his real accomplishment of the six-episode saga has been the dense, rich and full realisation of an entire story-verse; an alternate reality constructed such with fine and minute detail that the audience is entirely enveloped in the saga (and can just about ignore the acting!).

Lucas was perhaps the first artist to saturate and populate almost every channel – radio, videogame, DVD, books, music – with enough material to extend the Star Wars universe beyond the movie theatre.

Read more about the design work of the final film here…

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