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It’s ON! Head on over to OpenCoffee Leeds for details…in the meantime I’m thinking mid June (7/8/12/13/19/20) at one of the city’s big Starbucks (Albion Street, Briggate) or perhaps an indie place like Oracle or Arts.

So far we have Ed French from Enterprise Ventures, Carl Rahn Griffith of and a handful of others in the group. I’ll be roping in old friends and colleagues from Orange, Kingston Interactive, the Universities, Zythe and Inteleme…geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest – please come 🙂

Mmm – maybe we should give out a random prize too…?

UPDATE: The first OpenCoffee Leeds will take place on 12th June from 10am-midday…full details here (we’ll be upstairs at that Starbucks!). To honour Starbuck’s Tall, Vente and Grande portions, we’re calling the first one ‘Uno’ 😉


  1. Even though I was there for 2 days, I missed talking to loads of people at BarcampSheffield, I can’t help thinking it was an opportunity missed for myself and the other guys trying to put on ecex (
    Did you miss the intro’s at the beginning? I didn’t even realise you were the OpenCoffee guy.

  2. Hey Ian – love to get your help in organising OpenCoffee and Barcamp events for Leeds 🙂
    Be good to meet you there Kevin…tell me more about your startup!
    Stuart – yeh, I missed the first 45 minutes, but met Dave G in Leeds on Friday.
    Maybe ecex can be a track at a future regional Barcamp?
    How would you guys all like to be contributors to a regional blog we’re launching in the next few weeks?


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