My Delicious Long Tail

A couple weeks ago Nivi, a fellow FooCamper, laid down a challenge – to create an application that would interrogate a user’s bookmarks and return a list of the most frequent sources…in essence visualing the Long Tail of a user’s bookmarks.

Pascale Van Hecke answered the challenge (winning $50!). So here’s my long tail: (27), (27), (24), (15), (13), (11), (8), (7), (7), (6), (6), (6), (5), (5), (4), (4), (4), (1),  (1), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1)

Surprisingly, my ‘tail’ is pretty long…from a distribution of 571 sources, only 48 yielded more than one bookmark – ranging from to Ian’s personal site. It’d be interesting to see this visualisation, and others, built directly into as a concordance of a user’s sources, not just their tags.

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