Leeds Open Street Mapping Party

Tim Waters has finalised plans for Leeds’ first Open Street Mapping party on 15+16th September…

Tim’ll walk everyone through how things work and has a few GPS units as loaners for people without the necessary gear. Tim’s arranged a private room at the Starbucks on Albion Street, for some coffee, a chat and some planning on how to divide the city up.

Tim also tells me he might be getting Nell McAndrew and Chris Moyles to stop by!

It sounds like a lotta fun, a chance to learn about locative media and also contribute to an important project. Do let him know if you’re coming at the Upcoming listings page.

A few days ago, Tim and I got talking about approaching local car-on-demand company WhizzGo as a potential partner for…

  • using their vehicles as ‘sensors’ for the OSM project
  • creating anonymised journey data for their fleet, perhaps surfacing new locations and recommending best ‘real-world’ routes?
  • share mapping data they already have for the city.

Leeds Met’s Linda Broughton and I have also been considering how WhizzGo could be deployed as part of a coworking subscription and as a transport utility between the university’s Civic Quarter and Headingley Campus.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, after a brief discussion with WhizzGo’s investors, the Viking Fund, it seems WhizzGo’s not in control of their own technology and lack the fleet size to strike partnerships with anyone other than large companies that can increase their user base and vehicle utilisation…

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