I’m Jaman’

Jamantv Last Sunday I had the pleasure of a visit at home from Jaman‘s European VP, Faisal Galaria along with his lovely Mum 🙂 Faisal was over from SF, visiting his family for Eid-ul-Fitr, so we figured it was a great chance to finally meet.

Faisal grew up just a few miles from me, we’re from similar backgrounds and even though we only became aware of each other recently, it seems we’ve had criss-crossing careers with involvement in regulatory work, VoIP and now emerging technologies; kinda like a geek Persuaders.

I’m a big fan of Jaman’s indie content…yes, even the Bollywood stuff, so when Faisal intriguingly mentioned in passing that Jaman was now available as a native application on Apple TV I had to investigate further. It turns out the Apple TV is basically running full OS X, so a little hackery with USB drives and SSH means that Jaman can be installed and run as an addition to Apple TV’s existing user interface…neat! This is quite a precedent and should signal to Apple that there’s a great platform waiting to be borne from one of their most overlooked products.

I’m now wondering how much of OS X can be run from an Apple TV…enough to hack together a Mac nano?


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