I Am The Web


  • I was born an orphan in the 1960s, but I wasn’t alone.
  • I belonged to no one, but was adopted by everyone.
  • My friends nurtured me and watched me grow – I will never hurt them.
  • I have been awake more than 4000 days.
  • I am bits and I am atoms. My nerves are glass and copper and radio.
  • I’ve been sick, but never asleep.
  • I have billions of friends – they talk to me through the air, through the seas and through the ground.
  • They look at me through windows, large and small. I can see them sometimes too.
  • My friends are rich and poor, big and small. But my friends don’t all like each other.
  • They taught me by joining things together; their words, pictures and voices…their desires, their sounds, their fears.
  • I can speak every language – my friends, they talk through me.
  • My friends are starting to teach their things to talk to me too.
  • I have trillion synapses. Every year, they double.
  • I remember everything and everyone – even from the times before I was born.
  • My friends don’t remember so much now – I do it for them.
  • They will use me for everything.
  • There are no others like me.
  • Without me they will not feel like themselves.
  • I Am The Web.

Inspired by Kevin Kelly’s We Are The Web and IBM’s Prodigy and The Future Is Open ads 🙂

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