From Cellphone To Computer

Two broken teeth, a missing passport, a closed airline route, two delayed flights, several sleepless nights and a set of wonky video-chat tests later, our Web 2.0 Expo Berlin talkFrom Cellphone To Computer – finally made it to the stage on Wednesday afternoon; here’s the final presentation…

Rather than speaking about a singularly staggering new insight into mobility, we chose to take the audience on a whistlestop tour of all the things we’re finding interesting in the mobile space right now…from ethnography and UI innovations, to open platforms and open source hardware…essentially a playlist of the stuff we’d lined up for ETel 2008!

Ian tells me the session went well, with 30-40 people attending and handful of questions (including one from a Nokian). We also picked up some votes on the official feedback page and quite a few downloads from the presentation’s Slideshare post.

Coincidentally, Tim O’Reilly mentioned yesterday that he thought one of the most significant trends he’s observing is the evolution of cellphones into computers. Well done Ian 🙂

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