Exposing the APIs of invisible things

Kati London
was one of my favourite speakers at the ETel Fair in February 2007. Along with other ITP students, Kati saved our asses when a bunch of speakers fell ill and they were able to put together a replacement session showcasing projects such as Kati’s Botanicalls to those who’d missed the Fair.

I was super-excited when I learned that Kati was part of O’Reilly’s programme committee for ETech 2008 as well as a keynote speaker and exhibitor at the Emerging Arts Fest.

Kati’s talk – delivered along with Regine Debatty – was oriented around the interesections between art and technology, highlighting a number of ecological, spatial, social, political, networked and even inter-species pieces; there are some great notes from Regine at We Make Money Not Art, to ride along with the slides below…

Incidentally, Kati and I swapped stories her friend and my Uncle’s respective experiences with the Libyan secret police…no happy outcomes 🙁

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