Customer Support… for Islam

GetsatisfactionA few weeks ago, I got to tinkering with Satisfaction, a web app for ‘people-powered customer service’…it’s a wonderful concept, essentially crowdsourcing support 🙂

Interestingly, products and service listings aren’t ‘owned’ by companies and organisations; they’re simply participants, placing them on an equal footing with their customers…I’m sure diminishing a company’s control over its support will help surface support conversations between customers as well as help the companies understand customer issues more clearly.

I got to thinking about employing Satisfaction for both mee:view and Believr, but cheekily ended up setting up some Customer Supporty for Islam; a product/service with which many people have grievances, also ts customers don’t necessarily know how to use Islam correctly 😉

Fortunately/unfortunately, only one person’s had a query so far…

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