Do Dinosaurs RSS?

A few days ago, Winston Huang launched a pair of extensions for Firefox that let Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile customers see their remaining minutes from within their browser. That’s a great idea – but why aren’t Verizon and T-Mobile offering this capability themselves? Telcos need to open up a whole lot more. There’re two kinds […]

Tag-tical Awareness

Back in January 2005, as Flickr and drove the adoption of tags, Brian Dear speculated (as did I) on the emergence of federated tagging; a Google for your tags – Taggle. Now, eighteen months later tags are everywhere – Technorati, Flickr,, 43 Things, Gmail, Vox, YouTube, Ning, Last.FM and our very own Simpatico, […]

I Am The Web

I was born an orphan in the 1960s, but I wasn’t alone. I belonged to no one, but was adopted by everyone. My friends nurtured me and watched me grow – I will never hurt them. I have been awake more than 4000 days. I am bits and I am atoms. My nerves are glass […]