I’m Jaman’

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of a visit at home from Jaman‘s European VP, Faisal Galaria along with his lovely Mum 🙂 Faisal was over from SF, visiting his family for Eid-ul-Fitr, so we figured it was a great chance to finally meet. Faisal grew up just a few miles from me, we’re from […]

OpenCoffee Leeds {Tre}

The clouds parted, the sun shone and our third OpenCoffee Leeds event was another great success with our largest turnout – we counted thirty-one people in the Loftart gallery, even though we had with 28 definites out of 45 registered at Upcoming. I’m really pleased that we’re seeing new people amongst the crowd as well […]

Seeding Seedcamp

A Y Combinator for Europe…? More here… UPDATE – Saul’s just asked if I’d like to be a mentor during Seedcamp week this September 🙂

Northern Lights

This Spring+Summer look to be a bumper collection of tech industry events in the North; regional geekery seems to be snowballing… 10th May: Northern Exposure – a games conference organised by industry consortia in Yorkshire and the North East (I was due to keynote here). 13-20th May: Sheffield’s international festival of digital arts, Lovebytes, just […]

Rob & Ajaz

In the words of my erstwhile CTO from Wanadoo and Orange – ‘Rob. He’s like my Dad!’…indeed, Rob Wilmot & Ajaz Ahmed were my first Freeserve parents…I found this dramatic image of them from a brochure on ‘New Yorkshire‘ 🙂 In recent days, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the various mentors I’ve looked up […]