OpenCoffee Leeds {August}

Wow, it’s almost four weeks since this month’s edition of OpenCoffee Leeds, which also happened to be the opening event of LS1, our first Leeds web festival. At last month’s event, we just had a couple dozen – albeit interesting – people, but this time around we were back at the 25-ish level of attendance […]

OpenCoffee Leeds {July}

This month, OpenCoffee was a little quieter than usual, with only around twelve people arriving throughout the morning…infact the smallest crowd since we started out in June last year. I’m wondering if people are finding Old Broadcasting House less reachable or pleasant…or if the weather was just too good to be hanging around with a […]

OpenCoffee Leeds {April} + Coworking Day

Last month’s OpenCoffee {March} could have been a bit of a downer, with only a handful of people attending. I’m still wondering if I shoulda canceled it while I was in the US for ETech and eComm, but sounds like 10-15 people did make it out to Loftart so it was worth keeping the doors […]

OpenCoffee Leeds {February}

I don’t get it. When I promote OpenCoffee we get a smaller turnout than when I don’t…fortunately, I didn’t this month and we had a buzzing and vibrant mood with over thirty people dropping in thoughout the course of the morning! I guess it was a Super Duper Tuesday 😉 Some of the highlights included… […]

OpenCoffee {January}

Wow, I’ve been lazy…real lazy. It’s three weeks since the first OpenCoffee Leeds meetup of 2008 back on 8th January and I’m just getting around to a round up of that morning’s events… Trina Garnett of All About Joe and I have been talking on and off for a few months, but this month we […]

OpenCoffee Leeds {Sette}

So the seventh and final OpenCoffee of 2007 rolled around this last Tuesday morning with around 25 attendees throughout the morning, traveling from as far as Durham and Manchester. The attendance levels are averaging out at 25-30 people and we’re still getting to meet someone new each month, so the formula’s just about working…though I […]

OpenCoffee Leeds {Sei}

Oops. I missed my own meetup. Fraught with preparation for our session at Web2Expo Berlin, I embarrassingly couldn’t make it to this month’s OpenCoffee Leeds, our sixth event of the year. Thankfully Ian‘s blogged an update for this month, over at Techiedog. Some of the highlights included a new local mobile virtual network enabler, Smallplanet, […]

OpenCoffee {Cinque}

OK, OK, I’ve been real lazy (hey, it’s Ramadan and I’ve been busy repenting) and haven’t gotten around to blogging last week’s fifth edition of OpenCoffee Leeds {Cinque}; y’know the Italian-coffee themed numbers sounded really hip four months ago, but as someone pointed out, it’s maybe smarter to go with months. So from December, I’ll […]

OpenCoffee {Quattro}

Just over a week ago, I was worried that the numbers for Leeds’ fourth OpenCoffee event weren’t going to be as stellar as the previous month’s turnout. I was wrong 🙂 Thanks to some voluntary PR efforts from local PR hero Richard Hamer* and a last minute uptick in Upcoming registrants, we managed to attract […]

OpenCoffee Leeds {Tre}

The clouds parted, the sun shone and our third OpenCoffee Leeds event was another great success with our largest turnout – we counted thirty-one people in the Loftart gallery, even though we had with 28 definites out of 45 registered at Upcoming. I’m really pleased that we’re seeing new people amongst the crowd as well […]