Shelf Life

Eventually, Everything is Bits. Even you. And Everything has a shelf life, even shelves. My shelves are experiencing an accelerating half life – a shelfular singularity if you like. Books, photos, movies, music and games now inhabit the clouds, pixellated, digitised and discless. My media genome is now scattered across many heavenly shelves… — Moving pictures took […]

Your Social Graph Is Autistic

Much has been made of social graphs as filters for discovering new content, to the extent that many are now challenging the view that a social filter is even remotely indicative of interest – "…who you know doesn't always translate into what you like" I'm not convinced that there's such a thing as an "interest […]

Röyksopp: Happy Up Here

I've been (guilty) hooked on Röyksopp's Happy Up Here for a few weeks and, last night, stumbled across the awesome video at the band's Vimeo account… It's a very clever mixed reality interpretation of Space Invaders – I wonder if director Reuben Sutherland was inspired by Futurama's Anthology of Interest II episode? But seriously, Röyksopp […]

Our City, Our Music

Something interesting’s afoot in Leeds, as a group of the city’s digital artists prepare to record its first geo-located album, Our City, Our Music. We’re all accustomed to certain ‘geo-retarded’ music only being available digitally in the US, but what Ben Dalton, Megan Smith and Ben Halsall are proposing is to shoot a couple dozen […]

Brighton Port Authority: Toe Jam

Rediscovering Cliptip last night, I came across BPA’s new Toe Jam video…yeh, yeh – it’s a couple months old, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Fat Boy Slim‘s videos – from Spike Jonze’ directed Praise You and Weapon Of Choice to Bird of Prey – though not such a great fan of his […]

TagTunes: Personal Discovery

Eight years of friction-free access to digital media mean I have so much music that it’s becoming easy to forget what I do and don’t own. I know I have all four Bethany Curve albums, but after recently watching couple of the Indiana Jones movies I was surprised to find I also had one of […]

Steroid Maximus: Ectopia

Steroid Maximus‘ Ectopia is a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist; maybe a kick-ass Tarantino-directed reimagining of The Man from UNCLE with its sounds planted firmly in the 60s, or a 21st century In Like Flint. Steroid Maximus is actually J.G.Thirlwell, the composer of one of my favourite TV series, The Venture Brothers –  […]

The Good Die Young: Cut From

My favorite Anthemic Indie Rock band, The Good Die Young have just put out their first video – for Cut From…actually my good buddy Paul Key is the drummer and has great hair 🙂 Enjoy both! (but watch out for the flashy-flickry effects, epilepsy people…)

Sigur Rós: Heima

‘I sometimes get this strange and sort of uncontrollable urge to want to go home…’ Sigur Rós’ forthcoming album Hvarf-Heim is gonna be accompanied by what appears to be a magical DVD movie entitled Heima…Icelandic for ‘at home’. I first heard Sigur in Vanilla Sky…and ever since imagined their work to be ‘widescreen music’…Heima‘s breathtaking […]

Bingley Music Live

Woot! Along with a couple of my favourite bands, The Charlatans and The Bluetones, my mate Paul’s band – The Good Die Young – are playing the Bingley Music Live festival this weekend at Myrtle Park in Bingley. I can’t make TGDY’s set during the day (my cousin’s wedding reception…!) but I’m gonna try catch […]