Chris Masters, one of our senior designers at Orange is currently travelling from London to Ulaanbaatar. Chris is travelling with a satellite phone from which he’s periodically texting a particular email address; the mail server parses the email for GPS coordinates and plots them onto a Google map (I think it’s generating KMZs too). His […]

“I Had a Really Weird Dream Last Night”

Echoing the Onion’s I Had a Really Weird Dream Last Night parody of Martin Luther King, I actually did have a very weird dream last night – I dreamt of a locative media application that would plot Yeti/Bigfoot/Nessie sightings onto maps, utilising the wisdom of crowds and predictive markets to anticipate the location of future […]

The Urban Long Tail

An interesting idea: the urban long tail. Steven Johnson suggests that "the long tail premise has a tacit anti-urban bias to it, since it used to require big city scale to find obscure long tail books or albums that are now readily available to anyone with an Internet connection." But he goes on to argue […]