Reputation Banks

‘Identity is how you describe yourself do others; reputation is how others describe you.’ A lot of my recent research has focussed on reputation as a function of digital identity – from the brainstorming Ian and I did on telephony reputations, to concepts that IDII students developed for me in March. In essence, is it […]

“I Had a Really Weird Dream Last Night”

Echoing the Onion’s I Had a Really Weird Dream Last Night parody of Martin Luther King, I actually did have a very weird dream last night – I dreamt of a locative media application that would plot Yeti/Bigfoot/Nessie sightings onto maps, utilising the wisdom of crowds and predictive markets to anticipate the location of future […]

City of the future (and past)

Dean wrote… Interesting collection of images here, of alternate images of New York. The images show what the place could have looked like had certain events took place, either in ‘real life’ or in fantasy. Images are taken from films (AI, Metropolis), and architectural designs, etc. What’s most intriguing is Gaudi’s hotel design, which would […]