Isn’t that cute :)

My cousin Bilal was beavering away on my VAIO, in the corner of the lounge this evening, while we checked out some photos. He started out looking up dinosaurs for some school work, but ended up building a SimCity style model village using Bekonscot Model Village’s Virtual Village app. This is what he came up […]

That’s Me In The Corner

When I was around sixteen, I started to map out my extended family and try trace back my ancestry as far as I could from elderly relatives…after a few weeks research, I ended up with a huge A2 pencil drawn family tree. At that time, I counted around 80-90 people across five generations. Asian families […]

28 Days

The month of Shawwal has been a symmetry of life and death for our family, bracketed by the passing of loved ones and punctuated by the arrival of new lives. Twenty eight days ago, on the bright, crisp Autumn morning of Eid-ul-Fitr, we lost our beautiful baby sister Aisha after a long and debilitating illness…just […]