My Head Is Full

ETech 2005 just drew to a close with Mark Fletcher’s garage guide to starting up web companies. In the course of the last week, the France Telecom team has posted close to 70 articles tracking developments throughout the course of the week – from individual tutorials to keynotes and sessions. Most of the content is […]


ETech is a perrennial nexus of Powerbooks and iBooks – firing up iTunes and seeing how many users have enabled the Share My Music option much music is being shared over the local wifi network is always a novelty. In this screenshot you can see the music collections of the EFF’s Cory Doctorow and the […]

Where The Girls Aren’t

In three days of tutorials, keynotes and other sessions, I’ve seen no female speakers… though I think there are a handful in some sessions later today – maybe five in total throughout the week. Interesting. Though I’m sure the robot community is equally under represented.