BarCamp Leeds {2007}

It’s ON! After month’s of speculation, logo contests, false starts and calendar battleship across Upcoming and the official wiki – BarCamp Leeds is set for Saturday 17th November!

With only 24 days before the event we decided to go for a single day BarCamp this time around…if things go well, we’re planning a full weekend BarCamp in Spring 2008.

Already, we have 56 confirmed attendees and a couple sponsors, including Leeds Met and nti Leeds, who’ll be providing the fantastic, newly refurbished Old Broadcasting House as our venue; OBH is an incredible facility, bridging it’s BBC past with it’s current role as a hub for innovation in the region. Very soon, they’ll be launching the UK’s largest coworking facility.

Some of the proposed sessions include a workshop on 3D printing (yes, we’ll have one there), augmented reality UIs, mobile technology trends, Drupal, games design, co-creation, PR in the digital age, an SEO clinic, entrepreneurial talks from  the founders of BT Bizbox, Plusnet and eDocr.

We’re also planning to run podcasts, a prize draw and link up live with BarCamp Ottowa for some shared sessions and will likely have pair of sign language interpreters thanks to a pair of hard-of-hearing attendees efforts 🙂

We’ll shortly be launching a sponsors pack to help cover the costs of lunch, snacks, schwag and prizes, so if you’d like to help out financially and gain some publicity for your startup, blog or other organisation, please drop me an email.

To find out more…

Please feel free to contact my fellow organisers – Tom Scott, Dom Hodgson, GeekUp’s Deb Bassett and myself – with any ideas, queries and sponsor inquiries you have.

Spread the word and see you on 17th!

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