I have an irritating habit – whenever I hear a three-letter acronym, my brain starts working on smutty, childish, innappropriate variations. Someone usually has to tell me to stop. In the last few minutes, Aaron and I ping-pong’d out the following from ‘LCD’…

  • Lonely Cantankerous Drunk
  • Lizard Cock Dunker
  • Lovely Cock Deepthroater
  • Lying Crap Distribution
  • Lobotomised Curly Dome
  • Likely Colored Door
  • Love Can Doom
  • Lauren Can’t Dance
  • Lesbian (Cute) Dormitory

We deliriously thought that this’d make a fun web app – no wait…a game! A circle of players are assigned three letters, each have 10 seconds in turn to come up with something funny (other players ‘digg’ it), the player with the most thumbs up, wins the round and the chain is shared online. Dead simple, kinda like an online You Don’t Know Jack 🙂


  1. You want to know the irony? It existed, called “Acrophobia”. It was the most incredibly obsessive game *and* it was run by a company who did the online version of “You don’t know Jack”.
    But it ain’t there anymore. Someone should reinvent it. It rocked. I think it got canned because it was pre-broadband, or the interface they used didn’t have enough advertising or something. It had a breautiful look, too – black, with the acro letters in a really strong font.
    I’m going to go find something about it now, I’m all interested…
    Seems like it may still be up and running but not with the original makers.


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